Australian water industry looks to technology

Australian water industry looks to technology

The Australian Water Association (AWA) has launched a campaign that aims to address issues across the country through the use of technology.

AWA has teamed up with YouNoodle – a specialist in running startup competitions – and unveiled the Australian Water Innovation Challenge. The aim is to find interesting and unique ways to combat sustainability problems both in Australia and around the globe.

“AWA – and our 4500 members – understand that innovation and entrepreneurship are necessities for growth, and global growth is only achievable through preserving our most important resource – water,” said Jonathan McKeown, CEO of the Australian Water Association.

The winner of the competition will be announced at Ozwater 2015 – Australia’s annual international water conference and exhibition. The event, which is lead by AWA and takes place for three days from May 12, has the aim of engaging industry professionals and those with an interest in commercial water to collaborate and develop each other’s ideas.

Alongside the variety of events, workshops and keynote speeches, the competition plays a big role in the wider exhibition.

It is hoped that as many other sectors have already done, the water industry can embrace technology and look for more varied ways to solve ongoing issues.

“Water is one of our most precious resources and harnessing innovation through competitions is an incredible way to address the opportunities and risks we face globally as we all work to a more sustainable future with water,” said Torsten Kolind, Co-Founder and CEO of YouNoodle.

While the winner of the competition won’t be revealed until later this year, technology-driven solutions are available now that can help those looking to make water more sustainable. Hydrosmart water conditioners use resonant frequencies to impact salinity, making the resource more suitable for use in a variety of industries.