Australia’s farmers express concerns about dry conditions

Finding effective water treatment solutions for agriculture is particularly pressing in Australia, where dry conditions frequently interfere with production and output.

According to a recent report from Rabobank, many Aussie farmers anticipate economic conditions for the industry as well as their gross incomes to decline over the next year. With much of this outlook rooted in difficulties caused by drought conditions, could strategies to improve water supplies help farmers pursue opportunities they see in longer-term prospects? 

About one-third (31 per cent) of survey participants said they expected economic conditions to deteriorate, although the same percentage expected their own farm business performance to improve. Confidence varied across states, with those hit particularly hard by climate factors such as droughts expressing the least optimistic sentiment. 

Farmers in parts of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia, for instance, have struggled with soil conditions, crop growth and stock water supplies due to limited rainfall. Nonetheless, growers and herders aren't daunted by immediate challenges, with many still planning to maintain or increase investments in business into 2015 – particularly in light of brighter prospects on the horizon.

"I think many farmers can see strong tailwinds for the industry, particularly in terms of market access, so while seasonal conditions are cause for some worry at the moment, I expect longer-term many farmers across the country are looking to upgrade equipment and keep an eye on opportunities for expansion," said Peter Knoblanche, Rabobank group executive for Country Banking Australia. 

What can they do to weather the storm when dry spells strike? Many may turn to bore water to provide additional hydration for their irrigation systems or livestock. To maximise the effectiveness of this strategy, they need sustainable, efficient water conditioning solutions that can improve the quality of the water.

Because much of Australia's ground water is hard and very saline, it requires treatment to protect equipment and support healthy growth in plants and animals. Hydrosmart is a wise investment, with the revolutionary technology reducing scale and salinity without requiring chemicals or costly maintenance.