Bio-available nutrients help crops and stock to flourish

Bio-available nutrients help crops and stock to flourish

Everyone knows that water is vital to life forms of all kinds. However, the quality of water can have a much greater impact on the wellbeing and growth of these entities than many people realise. Even if you’re able to overcome water scarcity issues that often afflict farmers in the Australian outback, the elements contained within your water source could be preventing your flocks and crops from flourishing – and even do them harm.

For instance, cattle on a ranch with poor water quality may struggle to put on weight, no matter how much food and supplements a farmer provides to them. This happens when elements in the water interfere with how the animals digest food and absorb nutrients.

Similarly, pig farmers may notice that their animals are suffering from stomach ulcers, causing sickness and ultimately death. These conditions are often spurred by the high levels of sodium chloride in the water they drink. Only by getting to the source of the problem with the right water treatment can these farmers improve the health of their swine without incurring ongoing bills for medical treatments or extra supplements.

Plants depend on water for both hydration and as a key conduit for nutrients. Only when crops are able to absorb the minerals they need from the soil can they thrive. If high salinity and dense minerals in the water block their roots, their growth will be stunted.

Hydrosmart’s advanced water conditioner technology has proven itself over the years as a sustainable, long-term solution for these issues. Not only does the device reduce or prevent scouring in animals and impact other harmful bonded elements from within the water, it also overcomes mineral lock-up so vital nutrients are more bio-available to crops and livestock.

As a result of softened water impacts, plants’ roots can more easily absorb the nutrients they need and the water actually dissolves more minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron than it would naturally. For animals, treating water correctly can eliminate the conditions that may be making them sick and gives them the added boost of more calcium and magnesium for bone health.