Boulia Shire Council – Towns Bore Water Treatment

Boulia Shire Council – Towns Bore Water Treatment

Boulia Shire- Queensland has elected to improve quality of life for the township by using Hydrosmart to treat it’s multiple bore water fed supply that is the town’s lifeblood.

Boulia Shire Council

Having lived with calcium and iron scale / hardness problems for years, by are applying two Hydromaster 160 mm Enhanced Output treatment systems to its pipes they will impact their water problems sustainably, and provide a long term solution for its 325 or more residents.

Boulia Shire Council is located in Central Western Queensland covering an area of 61,635sq kilometres. Boulia Shire Council is a small drinking water service provider servicing permanent residents. There are two operational water schemes in Boulia Shire Council, Boulia and Urandangie. Boulia’s water scheme provides water to approximately 300 permanent residents and Urandangie’s water supply scheme services approximately 25 residents.

The bore water schemes in Boulia and Urandangie source water from shallow (<100m depth) bores, these shallow bores yield relatively low volumes of water and in the case of Boulia five bores are required to service the towns water needs. In November 2013 Boulia Shire Council Submitted a DWQMP demonstrating their commitment to optimising its drinking water quality and complying with requirements of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, to protect public health by ensuring the provision of a safe water supply.

The development of the DWQMP has documented potential risks associated with the operation of the water schemes and management strategies to safeguard drinking water quality for the public. Boulia Shire Council is committed to optimising their performance in providing a reliable and safe drinking water supply in accordance with Queensland’s Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act. This document identifies the strategies and ongoing operations Boulia Shire Council have adopted in order to optimise their performance in providing a safe and reliable water supply to their customers.

Boulia location, Queensland

Boulia, a rural town, is in western Queensland, 190 km east of the Northern Territory border and 240 km south of Mount Isa. It is the administration centre of Boulia Shire, an area of 61,093 sq km.
Burke and Wills passed through the area in 1861. Reports by several exploration parties sent in search of Burke and Wills led to pastoralists moving into outback Queensland, and mineral explorations soon followed. Ernest Henry opened up the Cloncurry copper fields and, in the course of their discovery, established a canvas store at a waterhole near where the town of Boulia was established in 1879. It is thought that the town’s name was derived from an Aboriginal expression describing the waterhole.

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