Bureau of Meteorology adds another tool to advance groundwater strategies

Bureau of Meteorology adds another tool to advance groundwater strategies

Treating water in Australia is a critical step for maintaining a sufficient, usable supply of the resources, but the need for a strategic approach doesn't end there. Adding to a number of ongoing efforts and initiatives, the Bureau of Meteorology recently released a new online tool aimed at improving water management.

Given how important groundwater is in Australia, increasing demand for the resource has only heightened the need for techniques to better manage water and maximise efficient consumption. The Bureau's online tool, called the Australian Groundwater Explorer, is designed to assist with these efforts by providing comprehensive information about groundwater in the country.

"The Australian Groundwater Explorer presents a uniform approach to groundwater information to support a range of sustainable water resource management decisions at both local and national levels," said Senator Simon Birmingham, Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment.  

"Groundwater has traditionally been considered our water resource safety net, but in this highly variable climate, with increasing demands from population growth and the pressures of development, we are relying more and more on our groundwater resources."

The data, which will be presented on the Bureau's website, will advance people's understanding of Australia's water resources – an important feat that could benefit governmental organisations, local communities, policymakers and urban planners.

People who take advantage of the information can browse a broad collection of data, including about 800,000 bore locations, bore logs, aquifers, table and graphs. They can also pan around an interactive map to view their area.

In addition to improving water management, Australians need the right technology to make the greatest use of their water resources. As an energy-efficient, chemical-free option, Hydrosmart has an important role to play in this regard: By improving the quality of bore water using water conditioners, people can turn previously undesirable sources into sustainable solutions.