Bureau of Meteorology upgrades El Nino prospects to “alert”

The Bureau of Meteorology keeps a close eye on developing weather conditions, including the likelihood of an El Nino event to occur before the end of the summer. Recently, the Bureau increased its rating for these prospects, placing the El Nino – Southern Oscillation tracker on "alert".

El Nino is a weather pattern that occurs in the Pacific Ocean due to the temperature of the air and water. It influences the movement of the trade winds and is generally associated with drought over Australia. 

With the Bureau of Meteorology now saying there's a 70 per cent chance that El Nino will develop, the possibility of drought conditions becoming worse in much of Australia is quite high. Already, areas of Queensland and other states have experienced extreme, widespread droughts as rainfall shortages contribute to long-term water deficiencies. 

There's not much people can do to change the course of Pacific climate conditions or prevent El Nino from developing and bringing more dryness, but they can seek solutions to ease the burden of the situation. In particular, many areas will need water treatment solutions that enable them use resources more efficiently. 

For many residents, businesses and farmers, this will require alternative water sources, such as from bores. However, much of the water throughout Australia is full of heavy minerals and high salinity that can even be toxic to plants and animals. It also causes scale buildup and can damage equipment. 

Traditional water softening systems add chemicals to improve water quality, and other solutions such as reverse osmosis systems don't allow consumers to maximise their use of the precious resource because they generate waste water.

Hydrosmart addresses these drawbacks by using resonance technology to make suboptimal water usable and beneficial to plants, animals and machinery. The low-power, eco-friendly, sustainable solution is an excellent option for people who need to draw on alternative water supplies and make the most of their available resources.