Calcium build-up in all our housing estates

Calcium build-up in all our housing estates

New Britain Palm Oil Limited

Hydrosmart were contacted directly by New Britain Palm Oil Limited. PNG Operations.
Hi Sir, With all testimonies seen on the Hydrosmart system, which are very convincing. We are requiring your services, we are a OIL PALM Company in Papua New Guinea located in Alotau, Milne Province. We are experiencing calcium build-up in all our housing estates clogging up the water lines the Taps, Showers with high usage of chlorine in the southern cross tank.
Hydrosmart supplied a H80EO unit to New Britain Palm Oil Limited, which will help with reducing maintenance, by reducing the calcium build-up, and soften the supply water for all their housing at Alotau, Milne Province.

Papua New Guinea, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, is a fertile area with rainforests and wetlands providing the ideal climate for growing oil palms. The country’s New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL) is a large scale, integrated, industrial producer of sustainable palm oil; in addition to producing sugar cane, the organisation also has grazing pastures, twelve oil mills, two refineries, seed production and a plant breeding facility.

In the last decade, NBPOL has seen seventy per cent growth and expansion directly attributable to its foundation of sustainability. It is continually improving its management practices in order to operate as efficiently and productively as possible, while maximising yields in the current areas it has. Growth can also be seen through acquisition of plantation estates in other provinces of PNG. Expansion is also increasing its stakeholder footprint. Assessing community needs is a major consideration for NBPOL and is a testament to its legitimacy as a sustainability conscious organisation.

New Britain Palm Oil Limited PNG & Solomon-Islands Operations