Can Hydrosmart help my garden?

Can Hydrosmart help my garden?

When people think of treated water in Australia, drinking water probably comes to mind first. Residents might consume softened water in their homes and draw straight from a bore for other purposes around their property – such as garden and lawn irrigation.

As the Government of Western Australia's Department of Water explains, establishing a garden bore can be an excellent way to hydrate the plants on your property. However, groundwater is limited, so it's important to make efficient use of the resource. Furthermore, much of Australia's shallow aquifers has hard, mineral-laden water that's not ideal for vegetation. 

Hydrosmart water conditioning can help in both of these matters. 

In terms of water quality, Hydrosmart's resonance technology helps to break down mineral bonds, preventing buildup and making nutrients in the water more bio-available to plants. This enables them to flourish where they might have otherwise failed to take in enough water and nourishment. 

Even water that seems to be sufficient for watering lawns and gardens can often be improved with Hydrosmart treatment. People who use the technology observe a noticeable change in the health of their vegetation if their bore water is naturally hard and full of minerals. Dying or wilting plants perk up when they start receiving better water.

In addition to helping plants thrive, water conditioning treatment can contribute to efficient irrigation practices. By removing and preventing scale from building up on equipment such as sprinklers, the technology keeps water flowing freely. This reduces the need to repair or replace equipment and can even lessen waste by preventing drips and misdirected water flow.

Because Hydrosmart doesn't involve any chemicals and is low-energy, it's a convenient, sustainable solution. This type of domestic water treatment enables you to get more out of your bore sources. Of course, if you're interested in establishing a garden bore, it's also important to review the government's regulations and recommendations.