Clare Valley Racing Club

Clare Valley Racing Club

Hello Tanya Bertelsmeier, (Club Secretary/Event Manager)
Thank you for your interest into Hydrosmart water treatment.
RE: Clare Valley Racing Club, bore water leaving residue build up on outlets and sprinklers. Require a Hydrosmart to stop the calcium scale problems, and help with the Sodium Absorption from our bore water on the grass for the race course.
Hydrosmart recommended the H80EO Hydrosmart Enhanced Output unit for high calcium scale issues.

Clare Valley Racing Club added the Hydrosmart H80EO unit in 10/2012, after installation the grass on the race track, become greener and more lush. Maintenance on the irrigation system also was less due to less calcium scale build-up.
However in 2020 the Curator Dave Meaney, noticed the grass started to show poor quality again, it was found the Power Supply on the Hydrosmart unit was faulty, and was replaced with a new Power Supply. After this the grass within a couple of weeks was showing much improvement. Dave said, he was very happy with the results again.

Clare Valley Race Course

Hydrosmart – Greener, Healthier, Clare Valley Race Course

The Clare Valley Racing Club’s vision is to ensure long-term sustainable growth in the participation and interest of thoroughbred racing by the residents of South Australia’s Mid North region, by providing live and exciting entertainment that appeals to the competitive and sporting nature of rural South Australians.

The western half of the racecourse property is located on the side of a hill with its buildings on the upper side of that hill, providing a natural platform for the “live” viewing of racing on a north/south facing course.

With a multi-purpose function centre including a split level bar and dining room, the Clare Valley Clubrooms offer a great alternative to standard venues in the area, with the facilities proving popular for engagement parties, birthdays and even weddings on the lawn.


For more information on our facilities and to discuss your next event, please contact Event Manager Tanya Bertelsmeier on 0447 271 840.