Golf courses, bowls clubs and councils go green using Hydrosmart

Golf courses, bowls clubs and councils go green using Hydrosmart

Having a reliable supply of water is essential for various reasons, which is why it’s simply not an option to make do with poor flow.

This is something that has been recognised across many different facilities throughout the country, with everyone from local councils to golf courses investing in solutions to improve their situation.

Local councils lead the charge

Several local councils have recognised the value of Hydrosmart technology, including the likes of Manly, Pittwater, Rockhampton and Cromer. They have experienced a range of water difficulties such as salinity, scale, algae and iron, all of which have been addressed thanks to Hydrosmart.

Councils often find when they’re recycling effluent that it has biofilm issues and increased salts during the peak summer periods. This is primarily the result of the evaporation and concentration of salts in the dams at recycling sites.

Another problem is rising iron levels, which presented particular difficulties for Pittwater Council. Hydrosmart technology was installed at two of its bores, meaning build-ups and blockages were significantly reduced, as was the presence of staining.

Keeping golf courses and bowls clubs green

Nobody likes to visit their local bowls club or golf course to find the green is less than impressive, which is why so many sites have invested in Hydrosmart technologies.

Highly scaled water often causes blockages in irrigation products, which leads to pipes, sprays and other fittings failing to function properly.

However, as many irrigation systems kick in on a timer once staff have left for the day, nobody realises when they’re failing to operate as they should. It’s often too late to take any action by the time someone notices the grass is starting to die.

Hydrosmart is able to break the bonds between the minerals, therefore reducing the scalability of the water. This solution has been adopted in various places, including the Adelaide Oval, Albion Park Bowling and Palm Grove Golf Courses, among others.

Not only has it improved the quality of the turf, but without the need for as much fertiliser and other products.