How can remote Australian outback stations overcome old bore problems?

How can remote Australian outback stations overcome old bore problems?

If you’re in the Australian outback, chances are you’re no stranger to water hardships. Many farmers and home owners have to resort to old bores when limited rain water leaves their dams and tanks running dry. Unfortunately, without a water softener, this resource tends to provide sub-optimal water infused with elements that ultimately damage equipment and harm livestock and plants.

If you’re experiencing one of the following problems, you’re probably drawing low-quality water from your bore source:

  • Poor lathering and limited suds while showering or cleaning
  • Scale and corrosion on plumbing, taps, shower heads and fixtures
  • Dry, scratchy skin and hair
  • Brown or dying plants
  • White soil with depleted numbers of worms

These issues are caused when high levels of salt, calcium, iron, magnesium or other minerals are present in the water and subsequently plague home systems, equipment, wildlife and soil.

Although such obstacles can present challenges for farmers and home owners around the country, the problems are significantly compounded when you’re in a remote location. Attempting to mitigate these issues when you’re 500 kilometres or more from the nearest shops requires a more strategic, reliable and consistent solution. You can’t simply run to the store when you have a problem – you need something enduring that you can count on no matter what.

With the right water conditioner solution, however, you can overcome these problems and enjoy strong water resources throughout the year. Hydrosmart’s revolutionary water conditioner technology offers a proven, sustainable way to achieve soft water, scale-free plumbing, good washing and better irrigation.

By breaking down the bonded minerals in water – such as that drawn from old bore sources – the water conditioner prevents buildup and scale problems while also transforming the present calcium into bioavailable nutrients that can fuel crop growth.

Because it’s small, light, easy to install and convenient to ship, Hydrosmart’s technology serves as a compelling option for remote locations looking to improve their water quality. This solution turns a former obstacle (hard water) into a true asset.