Hydrosmart heads to America to address water problems

Hydrosmart heads to America to address water problems

The Australian outback is no stranger to droughts and water quality problems. For that reason, it makes sense for Aussie experts to assist other nations experiencing water challenges – including the United States of America. Hydrosmart is proud to be part of upcoming delegations to the US to showcase Australia's unique developments in managing water deficiency.

The State of California in particular is experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record, with extreme water shortages threatening the region's agriculture, businesses and residents. In addition to allocating over US$7 billion to help address the crisis, the government of California and industry groups are seeking innovative solutions to better address the situation. 

These efforts include two shows in December where water-industry experts from Australia will present their approaches to counterparts in the US. The Australia Water Association is taking delegates to California for an exhibition on drought management from December 3 to 1 0. Additionally, the Say G'day event, which was organised by the Australian government and Governor of California Edmund Brown, Jr., will facilitate dialogue on water solutions in West Sacramento on December 10. 

At both of these events, Hydrosmart will introduce its groundbreaking, sustainable water conditioning technology to US governmental groups and potential business partners.

Our device uses resonance frequencies to break or weaken mineral bonds, improving the quality of suboptimal water supplies without adding any chemicals. It's also an extremely cost-effective solution, running on less energy than it takes to power a light bulb. The treated water makes nutrients more bioavailable, supporting growth and reducing the need for wetting agents on dry patches. Therefore, it could benefit a wide range of agricultural, viticultural, domestic, municipal and commercial organisations that are currently struggling with poor or limited water supplies.

Given the success Hydrosmart has had in Australia, we're excited to bring this technology to the US and hopefully alleviate some of its water problems.