Hydrosmart making water work better for your needs.

Hydrosmart making water work better for your needs.

A LACK of usable water is one of the biggest problems facing Australian producers. Hydrosmart water Conditioner makes the water more usable for Australia producers.
With around 80 per cent of the country taken up by farms, there is no profit if there is no water.

Over the last two decades, Adelaide business Hydrosmart has been helping to turn the tide for those facing diverse water problems.
They manufacture, consult over the phone and supply smart, simple to apply and run, hard water technology.

Hydrosmart units disrupt and weaken bonds of minerals by putting an ionising charge onto water molecules.
To do so they use a computer chip and several meters of pipe often shaped into a product with a unique ‘U’ bend to electronically improve on problems caused by the minerals in water.
The issues range from saline irrigation improvements, by moving salt downwards and away from plant roots, calcium scale removal and prevention to magnesium and iron scale removal and prevention.

These minerals and salts can often be found in high amounts when using Australian groundwater.
Providers of water conditioning units, Hydrosmart can offer a water solution for most properties – from helping to drought proof outback stations to making crop success a reality.
“We research, develop and manufacture our 100 per cent Australian products all over the country as well as overseas,” Hydrosmart owner, Paul Pearce said.

“Hydrosmart is the leading water conditioner for agricultural, industrial and domestic customers alike for solving scale, salinity and iron problems,” he said.
Hydrosmart have products to deal with bore water, river water, and town mains water.
“Hydrosmart products have been installed in businesses across the country,” Mr Pearce said.

“The water conditioner improves all water sustainably for decades, whether it is being used in a domestic setting for lawns and gardens, or on a large-scale crop farm.
“Hydrosmart also improve stock health when bore water is high in salt and minerals.
“Hydrosmart conditions the water back to a more palatable level and assists animals to better metabolise nutrients in their gut for healthier growth,” he said.

Craig Osborne (Pictured), Hydrosmart D25EO user, loves it on his farm for lawns, garden, horses and house use.