Innamincka Cattle Station

Innamincka Cattle Station

Innamincka Cattle Station is using Hydrosmart on its bore water for cattle to drink.

Nathan Keogh – Manager said, we have been experiencing cattle not wanting to drink, from some of the bore water supply, and are getting scale formation on troughs and outlets.

Innamincka Station often just called Innamincka is a pastoral lease in the Australian state of South Australia which operates as a cattle station.

The name of the station is derived from two Aboriginal words meaning your shelter and your home.

From: Innamincka Station
Sent: Friday, 30 November 2018 1:17 PM
Hello Hydrosmart,

Sorry I haven’t got back earlier, I have been very busy trying to sort things before staff go on leave.
At present I think the system is working to a point, The troughs now have no scale on them and the cattle seem to be going well on it, they tend to walk off this bore and return to others in the paddock even though the feed is ok. Since installing the system they have remained there. I have had some tests done and while not reducing TDS it does break the hardness down by nearly 20. I would like to see how it goes on another bore in the future so I am keen to hang on to it.
I will call you Monday as I will be out for two days.


Nathan Keogh – Manager
Innamincka Station
Cattle Capacity: 13,000
Area: 13,552 km2

The cattle baron, Sidney Kidman, bought Innamincka in 1908 from the trustees of the estate of William Campbell. At the time the station ran over 4,000 square miles (10,360 km2) and he immediately sold a mob of 250 bullocks in the Adelaide yards which were much admired for their “breeding and quality”.

It’s located about 4 kilometres (2 mi) north east of Innamincka and 246 kilometres (153 mi) south east of Birdsville in the state of South Australia. The station occupies an area of 13,552 square kilometres (5,232 sq mi) and is the second largest station in South Australia after Anna Creek station. Innamincka is currently owned by the pastoral company, S. Kidman & Co..

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