Robe Hotel – Hard water issues

Robe Hotel – Hard water issues

Robe Hotel in South Australia’s limestone coast is happy that some of the local hard water, limestone in their kitchen has been coming away, since using Hydrosmart on the water treating the hotels mains water feed.

Chef Nathan Cheung sent this update photo of the kitchen’s oven rack showing the treated v untreated contrasts on the equipment and is quoted as saying
” Just though I’d send you a couple of pics of some racks that go in our Combi oven . one of which was in there before the unit was installed and the other went in after the unit was installed . the difference is pretty clear . I haven’t done a recent water test but I’d reckon its doing the job ”

We always love the fact that seemingly unsolvable water issues caused by minerals just need a little “resonance “to make the difference.

Robe Hotel

Robe Hotel Combi Racks