Scientific quality control at Hydrosmart is ongoing and rigorous. The technology itself hails from empirical research. The products are tried and tested across many industrial and agricultural disciplines. The mechanism of Hydrosmart’s action falls within standard physical chemistry descriptions. Briefly, Hydrosmart uses electrical and magnetic fields to target the charged compounds that are present in solution, and also targets water itself via the water dipole. The result is increased hydration of these compounds and thus bond-breaking in the case of transient bonds between solutes. Additionally, by opposing bond formation, Hydrosmart maintains substances in a dissolved state for a longer time than they are in the absence of Hydrosmart. Electrical fields are modulated in Hydrosmart by means of computer-chip controlled circuitry. A precise range of frequencies are produced which result in the bond-breaking effects.


Hydrosmart Electronic Water Conditioning

Indepth technical paper on how Hydrosmart works.

Hydrosmart Mining White Paper

Technical paper on Hydrosmart  in Mining applications.

How Hydrosmart influences SAR 

Technical paper on How Hydrosmart influences Sodium Absorption in Soil.


Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering – Mahidol University, Thailand

The influence of Hydrosmart commercially available scale-treatment devices on calcium ion concentration in aqueous solution.

RMIT University – Abstract

2016 – MC191 — Master of Environmental Science and Technology, Research Project 2016

Suntec Hydroponics Trials Final Report

Nov 2010 – Trials on lettuce in high salinity bore water.

Suntec Hydroponics Trials End Harvest

Lettuce at 6,860 ppm salinity and still alive and healthy.

European Laboratory Tests

Boiler scale elimination test by European lab conforming to brewers standards.

European Laboratory Tests Explained

An explanation of the different areas of testing.


Maritiem Institute “De Ruyter” Report

Scale elimination on heat exchangers aboard Norsky & Norstream vessels.

Boiler Trials Feedback

Feedback, questions and answers from units installed on boilers in hospitals in Adelaide.

CJ Ord River Sugar Report

Full report on initial installation results – Scale elimination on cooling towers.

Strawberry Trials – Dubai

Growing strawberries in the desert with high salinity bore water 1750 ppm NaCl pH 7.5

Equestrian Centre – Dubai

Growing turf in desert sand with 15,500 ppm bore water.

Aquaculture Trials

Results of trials on Barramundi tanks at Urrbrae Agricultural High School.

Effluent Remediation

Treating effluent with high algae and mineral content.

Winery Washdown

Non-chemical tartrate removal from wine-making tanks.

NangYang Effluent Treatment Proposal

A proposal for treating a fabric dying factory’s effluent.