Solving the problem of iron in bore water

Solving the problem of iron in bore water

Australian farmers often rely on bore water to meet irrigation requirements. However, a bore water source can bring many issues regarding quality.

One of the most common problems experienced with bore water is of iron fouling. This is when iron particles are present in the water, leading to iron scaling and rust. The implications of iron fouling are significant for farmers, as iron can cause blockages in pipes drippers and sprays, restricting the water flow.

Iron is found in many groundwater sources in Australia. When rainwater that is low in oxygen leaches through landforms containing iron, it eventually reaches subsurface water where the iron becomes dissolved into the water.

When oxygen is re-introduced to this water, through irrigation or pumping techniques, the iron can bond with the oxygen, causing rust precipitation. The process usually occurs after some time, meaning the crystal clear water you originally pumped gradually turns muddy and red.

Fortunately, there are solutions to stop iron fouling from making your water supply a problem. In particular, a Hydrosmart electromagnetic water treatment system can disrupt the bonds between iron oxide particles, freeing them to move through your system without blockages.

Hydrosmart technology is installed on your existing water infrastructure, and uses an electromagnetic field to break down the bonds between minerals, so unblocking pipes downstream of the treatment site while also preventing rescaling.

This process also improves the viability of a bore water source by making the iron more bioavailable for plants and livestock. The Hydrosmart system puts a unique series of frequencies and pulses into your water. As this treated water contacts agricultural soil, it leaches built-up  minerals from the soil and promotes stronger plant growth as water becomes more accessible to roots.

In addition to clearing and preventing iron scale and making minerals more bioavailable, a Hydrosmart solution is also ideal for problem salinity. With the ability to scale up or down to any existing water infrastructure without interfering with flow, the Hydrosmart technology is the ideal solution for any farm.