South Australia to get more drought support

South Australia to get more drought support

The South Australian government is taking action to offer more financial support to those in agriculture, as the region continues to be afflicted by drought conditions.

There will be $10 million of loans made available to help those who have seen the quality and quantity of their output suffer.

Government support

“Across Australia, farmers are continuing to feel the impacts of drought – these loans will help those doing it tough to restructure existing debt, or to fund operating expenses or drought recovery activities,”  explained Australian Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce in a February 20 media release.

Due to the cycle of hot weather and a lack of rain that Australia has experienced over the last few years, the eligibility for support will be assessed over a long time period. The process won’t take into account any especially recent rain, as it is unlikely to have negated extended drought conditions.

Agriculture contributes significantly to the wider economy of South Australia, and keeping the sector in good health is incredibly important.

South Australian agriculture

Total crop value tops $2 billion, while the region is also notable as home to over 3.7 million lambs. The subsequent meat produced is close to 83,000 tonnes. While the majority of that output services the export market, much of the meat stays in Australia.

With those figures in mind, it is little wonder the government is keen to protect the interests of South Australian farmers.

While the drought loans are there to help, prevention will always be better than the cure. To that end, those in agriculture need to do all they can to make the most of precious resources, especially in drought conditions.

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