St. Anne’s Winery, Calcium scale problems

St. Anne’s Winery, Calcium scale problems

Hydrosmart asked how things were performing after 12 months of use.
HYDROSMART- How have you found use of Hydrosmart thus far? – has it commenced cleaning out the system and improving behaviour of the vineyard, what has been observed, using the recycled water with an E.C. of approx. 1,000mg/L
Richard McLean – Yeah, we think is cleared a lot of muck out (Calcium scale) of the irrigation drippers, with a bit still to go.

Taking the simple approach and using a water conditioner from Hydrosmart can have two-fold benefit. Firstly, unblocking Calcium scale and Magnesium scale from irrigation pipe work and outlets. Secondly, the bio-available elements and nutrients within the water are unlocked which can help keep the vines as lush and healthy as possible.

Located on the majestic Murray River less than one hour north of Bendigo are our Perricoota vineyards. Overlooking our lake, our delightful Moama Cellar Door was constructed using the rare but traditional rammed-earth technique. Nestled amongst the vineyards right next to our winery, enjoy the tranquillity of the place where our St Anne’s wines are grown and produced, with the help of Hydrosmart to keep the irrigation systems in good order.

Our Moama Cellar Door is located at our modern winery, on 24 Lane Moama, NSW, just off Perricoota Road. Amongst the vines and right next to the winery, we’re open every day for tastings and sales. The Moama walking and bike trail leads right to our front door too!

St. Anne’s Winery, Moama NSW