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Streaky Bay Calcium Scale

Scale Deposit Build-up in pipes

Streaky Bay Golf Club, South Australia, and local council oval have been having very bad calcium scale issues for years.

Now have installed a Hydrosmart system (Electronic water treatment) to stop calcium scale build-up in their pipework and irrigation systems.

Scale Factors: Reducing Corrosion in Pipelines with Electronic Water Treatment

Increasing pressure loss in the pipeline is often caused by scale corrosion or product fouling of the internal surfaces. This condition slows transmission and distribution capacity and can require more than just routine maintenance if it remains unaddressed. Interior corrosion, fouling and leakage in pipeline systems will adversely impact bottom-line operations.
If corrosion and fouling on part of the pipeline is evident, the chances are it is occurring throughout the length of the pipes. If the calcium scale is left untreated, it can weaken the pipe walls to the extent that the entire pipeline will need to be completely replaced.
The ideal solution is to treat pipelines so that fouling and calcium scale do not occur. Hard water is corrosive to metallic pipes and contributes to fouling and bacterial contamination that eats away at the piping surfaces. Leaks and damage, pitting and obstructive buildup all require frequent maintenance.

If left untreated, corrosion can weaken pipe walls to the extent that the entire pipeline will need to be replaced.
Some popular methods of removing fouling from pipelines include:
Chemical cleaning using solvent or chemicals
High-velocity cleaning using water jets
Electronic water treatment
Calcium scale deposits are common in flow lines subject to changes in pressure or temperature. Regardless of how hard water effects are achieved, the outcome is the same: Scale formation results in reduced diameter or blocked pipes. Pipework scale reduces the available cross-section area, and fluids are affected by increased pipe wall friction.
To explain the effect of electronic calcium scale removal, it is first important to understand the major factors that cause scale. Although scale can be a complex of many minerals, calcium carbonate is the most prevalent in the processes.

Hydrosmart is a non-invasive system utilising our processor unit and coils wrapped around the pipework to be treated. A continuous frequency signal generator, within a specified range, supplies low electrical frequency to the coils. The sine wave-shaped frequencies creates an induced electric field and magnetic fields, concentric around the axis inside the pipe. As a consequence of this arrangement, any charged particle or ion moving within the field experiences a Ion Cyclotron Resonance force generated by the interaction between charged particles and magnetic and electric fields.
The treatment influences the initial nucleation, resulting in calcium and other minerals that do not bind together. Untreated water builds up calcium scale that continuously grow.
As no new scale layers are formed, the sheer force of the water flow will gradually remove existing layers of scale. Hydrosmart enables performance to be optimised with no downtime and no pipe replacement.

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