The Coal Authority UK Sustainability Framework

The Coal Authority UK Sustainability Framework

Coal Authority UK

Hydrosmart is being used by The Coal Authority UK, for analysing our water conditioning effectiveness, as part of the Authorities Sustainability Program.

The Coal Authority UK’s test, will be to install the Hydrosmart, on a sample line that takes raw mine water, before the oxidation cascade.
However, the mine water will have been exposed to oxygen because of the mine’s characteristics.

We will run a new pipeline and install the Hydrosmart in a simple wooden enclosure as shown in one of the leaflets.
There will be a test section in the pipework downstream of the Hydrosmart unit manufactured from steel where Ochre is likely to form.
We will monitor the build-up of Ochre in this section along with the flow on a regular basis.

Treating mine water at The National Mining Museum for England in Wakefield

The body of water we are using is shown in the background of the above photo.
You can see the inlet cascade, which is used for aeration it is the first lagoon in a series of several that treat the mine water at The National Mining Museum for England in Wakefield.
Although we will mount pumps at the back of the lagoon there should always be some turnover in water.

From: Wayne Handley
To: Paul Pearce

Hi Paul,Thank you for your email.

We have two steel pipes on the inlet and outlet that we are using to measure the difference in ochre build up.

It is likely that we will leave them in place for the next few weeks / months to allow as much ochre build up as possible.

However, there are clear flexible pipes on the inlet / outlet and we have noticed some of the ochre build up is clearing on the outlet side, which is promising.

Best regards,
The Coal Authority UK
Wayne Handley
Innovation Project Manager

Coal Authority UK Installation

Coal Authority UK Installation

The Coal Authority UK – Our vision
The work of the Coal Authority is to resolve the impacts of mining such as water pollution and land instability. We are committed to doing this sustainably by considering the economic, environmental and social impacts of our wider role. To us, operating sustainably means that we strive to resolve the impacts of mining in a way which does not cause harm to, and where possible improves, the environmental or socioeconomic standing of the areas in which we operate, while protecting the safety of the public and our employees.