Turning limescale and ironscale from pipes into better plants

Turning limescale and ironscale from pipes into better plants

Scale can be a frustrating problem for farmers. The build-up on water pipes means that the essential nutrients in the water are not available to the plants, as well as restricting water flow.

Scale is an accumulation of calcium, magnesium or iron inside of your pipes. When these compounds crystallise to form scale, plants downstream can suffer due to the lower levels of essential minerals.

This is where Hydrosmart technology comes in. Controlled trials have repeatedly proven that installing a Hydrosmart water treatment system can remove and prevent scale in pipes.

In fact, by disrupting the bonding between dissolved minerals, Hydrosmart can make these nutrients bioavailable to plants, leading to stronger and healthier crops. Tests conducted at Suntec Labs NZ have shown dramatic improvements on plants grown in bore water. In fact, the plants grown using bore water without Hydrosmart technology were more prone to die due to salinity.

Hydrosmart technology can turn problematic scale in pipes into healthier plants by ensuring calcium and iron deposits are bioavailable. By installing the technology on water infrastructure to de-scale the pipes, hydroponic farmers can benefit from healthier plants and better yield and flavour.

By growing stronger plants, Hydrosmart technology not only increases yield but also promotes improved resilience. In particular, Hydrosmart vastly reduces the likelihood of plants perishing because of high salinity levels.

This was shown in Suntec Lab trials, when lettuces grown in Hydrosmart treated water were able to survive in water with a salinity of 6,000 ppm. In comparison, normal tolerance for hydroponic lettuce is only 800 ppm.

Similar results have also been achieved in tests involving truss tomatoes, with plant growth and fruit quality both showing dramatic improvements with the Hydrosmart system.

Hydrosmart technology helps turn scale into bioavailable nutrients, as well as keeping pipes and filters clean and reducing maintenance needs. Investing in a Hydrosmart solution makes good business sense.