Venezuela Palm Plantation – Iron Scale Issue Rectified

Venezuela Palm Plantation – Iron Scale Issue Rectified

In Zulia state, where we live, iron scale is a real issue, which is the most productive area in our country Venezuela, the land is red. Same as Australia. The content of iron is very high causing iron scale in irrigation. The reading of the iron in the water in our palms nursery and grass is 3 ppm. All our palms had the same colour: orange. Everything that touched our water turned orange. Our nursery is far from the city, and the only available water is that of the well. Our workers did not like to take a shower with that water because they ended up smelling terrible. We have pumped this water for over twenty-five years and our pipes were clogged by iron incrustations.
We installed a Hydrosmart 80, at the exit of the well and all things changed in our nursery. Our employees say the water is beautiful now. They bathe every day in the big tank. It’s like a pool for them. Our palms look different now. They are green …!!!. Everything is greener now .. !! The grass is greener.
The jets of the water emitters recovered their initial distance and the iron scale has been removed. The water column was 25 meters, now reaches 30 meters.
Our experience with Hydrosmart has convinced all our neighbours. Everyone wants to install a system on their farms, especially farmers who grow sorghum and corn.
Initially they did not believe in the effectiveness of Hydrosmart, but the most impressive part is that its instantaneous.

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