Water Treatment for council grounds, Bunbury WA

Water Treatment for council grounds, Bunbury WA

Water treatment savings of $225,000, made by Bunbury Council with just one Hydrosmart unit, HOW MUCH COULD YOU SAVE ?
In a media release about savings by his council this week Lord Mayor Brennan is quoted as saying :
“Mr Brennan said one of the most impressive savings identified came from extensive research into innovative and alternative technologies for a bore pump that serviced open space on San Marco Promenade in Pelican Point, Bunbury WA.

By using a cutting-edge solution to repair the pump, the City was able to save $225,000 on the cost of using traditional methods.
The Hydrosmart unit installed uses electric resonance frequencies to greatly improve the quality of water, which results in more effective irrigation of the open space.

“This is genuine sustainable water treatment technology that requires no ongoing costs or consumables and it lasts for decades,” Mr Brennan said.
“So not only does it result in savings this financial year – the unit cost just $25,000 compared to the expected cost of $250,000 – it will continue to deliver savings into the future.”

Pelican Point is well landscaped throughout, established native trees are in park areas and along the medium strips which creates a natural linkage between the landscapes and open areas.
The main boulevard of the Grand Canals Estate consists of a avenue of Norfolk Island Pines which provides an entrance statement and sense of place upon entering into the neighbourhood.

Hydrosmart install at Pelican Point, Bunbury WA

San Marco Promenade in Pelican Point, Bunbury WA